Maxim Carpet Protector

A glass of spilled wine on brand new carpet is sure to leave a stain.

At Keepin’ It Clean we know what a large investment the carpet in your home or business is. You chose to invest in carpet for many reasons, its ability to insulate, how it feels and how it looks. When carpet comes from the mill it has already been treated with a carpet protector. Over time that protection is worn off from normal wear and tear. Even the best carpet protector doesn’t last forever. If anyone has ever used harsh chemicals on your carpet the protection has been stripped from its fibers.   Keepin’ It Clean uses safe, biodegradable products that are powerful but gentle on your carpet leaving them clean and fresh.   A good carpet protector helps you, the owner, keep your home clean and stain free in-between cleanings.

Keepin’ It Clean uses Maxim Advanced carpet protector. It has been formulated, tested, and proven to be the best protector available today. Maxim Advanced coats fibers with a stain barrier to protect them from difficult dye stains from the inside out. It also protects against the damaging effects of dry soils. Traditional protectors rely on a repellency barrier across the top of carpeting to protect carpet fibers. Because Maxim Advanced protects the fiber completely, not just at the top, spills will not bead up and then soak through to create stains. Our customers are able to remove tough stains easily even when they have been there for months. Our customers are then able to keep their homes stain free in between cleanings, making it less likely to have permanent set in stains.

Our technicians have been IICRC trained and tested to apply carpet protector and bring your carpets back to new carpet protection standards. Our techs are always available to perform a carpet protection test in your home or business to show you what an amazing product Maxim Advanced is.

Remember good carpet is an expensive investment. Proper care, cleaning and protection will keep your carpet looking and feeling great for years to come.

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