Commercial Cleaning Coeur d’Alene

interior of a workplaceWe know your commercial carpets and tile and stone take a beating. They are also one of the first things clients notice upon entering your establishment. With the tremendous foot traffic, food and drink spills, dust, soil, dust mites, allergens, mold, dander and dead skin your business’ carpet and stone flooring can become run down looking rather quickly. They can also affect the health of your employees and clients.

Keepin’ It Clean uses the best method in the industry, Hot Water Extraction, also known as steam cleaning. Our powerful equipment reaches temperatures of 260° F which can kill allergens, mold, dust mites and whatever other creepy crawlies may be hanging out in your carpets. The powerful suction on our truck mount equipment quickly takes care of all soil and contaminants.

Keepin’ It Clean is available for a one time service or we would be happy to set you up for regular maintenance services to suit your schedule

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